Karis had visual aids and provided written information/worksheets for me to add my own notes to during the sessions and for me to take home with me. Karis was happy to go over information more than once and open to questions being asked through out the session which made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. 

Having had these classes I felt so much more relaxed when in labour and giving birth as i knew what was happening and why.


Lincoln mum



Being a young mum, I was worried about what to expect and how I would be perceived. But immediately from my first class, Karis made me feel welcome and supported. The classes  were very beneficial to me. Every week I looked forward to seeing Karis and having everything explained to me in such a manageable way. As a first time mum, she helped me prepare for the lead up to the birth, the birth itself and a good understanding of what to expect when baby arrived. After the birth of my son, I felt that everything I needed to know was covered in the classes and I was fully prepared to be a new mum. From my experiences, I do not feel that there was anything I encountered that I didn't have some knowledge about due to the advice given to me. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity and I would recommend these classes to anybody, not just first time mums.


D. S (Lincoln)



I would and have recommended all these classes to my fellow pregnant friends.


M. G (Lincoln)




Baby Massage


Karis always makes you feel relaxed even if your baby is crying, for instance if they have had enough, are hungry, tired, etc. Karis is happy for you to feed your baby or cuddle them to sleep and will always provide praise regarding how well your baby has done for the part of the massage that they have taken part in and remind you that babies don't always want to be massaged at the time of the class or for that length of time as at home you may only do it for ten minutes. These words provide mothers with reassurance that they have not done a poor job in the session.


Lincoln mum





Tel: 07523990310




Breastfeeding Support


Karis has so much experience and having a knowledgeable person to speak to was so helpful through out my breast feeding journey.


Lincoln mum



Great especially as we needed to see Karis at home. Her advice and support enabled me to continue to breast feed my daughter and helped us through a difficult time. The expertise from Karis is at hand where necessary.


Lincoln mum

My husband and I attended hypnobirthing sessions with Karis. We found them invaluable, alongside the book and hypnobirthing tracks.

I had a home birth and our baby boy (second child) was born in a birthing pool. Focusing on my breathing and key words from the mantras (as well as thinking about how I wanted the environment around me) helped me to feel calm and I think helped the birth to progress quickly. I felt focused and in control and I breathed my baby out without the need for medical intervention. 

Visualising what my body was doing during the surges helped them to feel less intense and more manageable. I focused on relaxing my body and I thought about the best positions for birthing. When I did have moments of doubt I brought my attention back to my breathe and re focused. Our son was born calm and quiet (and continues to be). 

I don't think we would have thought about a home birth or a water birth or a natural third stage if it hadn't been for meeting Karis and her helping us to become more aware of the benefits of these.

Our experience of hypnobirthing has been really positive and we can't recommend it enough! It helped during pregnancy, as well as at the birth.

Thank you Karis and thank you hypnobirthing.

Mum of two, Lincoln