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Hi I’m Karis Annette. I am a qualified Midwife, Antenatal Educator, Hypnobirthing Instructor, Baby Massage instructor, Maternity Nanny, Breastfeeding advisor and most importantly Mum of 11. 


From pregnancy and birth to crying babies and breastfeeding, I get it, it can be a scary time! Red Tent bespoke services can help you to feel confident, prepared and positively in control at every stage.

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A few of our Services...
  • Midwife antenatal education to guide you on your journey through pregn...

    120 British pounds
  • Available Online
    Learn techniques for a calm and empowered birth over 4 x 1 hour sessio...

    160 British pounds
  • Available Online
    FREE one-to-one, hour long session for breastfeeding support and advic...


Karis had visual aids and provided written information/worksheets for me to add my own notes to during the sessions and for me to take home with me. Karis was happy to go over information more than once and open to questions being asked through out the session which made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. 
Having had these classes I felt so much more relaxed when in labour and giving birth as i knew what was happening and why.

Lincoln Mum - Antenatal Classes

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